Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Rain and radiolaria

Sam is with two of her post doc students today. They have collectively been working on the data to produce a set of fabulous graphs. We pore over these for a couple of hours as they aren't easy yet to comprehend. I can see some problems with translating them into three dimensions but I'll ask Bjorn the mathematician to think about this. He's in America but still in touch.
A wet day with low visibility, but the group all arrive - many of them bringing unwanted bits of stuff from their garage... This is great but I am still worried - less than a month to go before we begin to build the sculpture now. We create more 'radiolaria' from porcelain clay. We have a pile of twenty of these shapes now... but i'd like at least two hundred. Another logistical issue to overcome.
In the drizzle we walk down to Tilly Whim caves and observe the different layers of rock formation, some massive, others that look as if they have been built from bricks. The caves aren't worked now, but clearly exploit the massive formations. it is low tide, the sea has itself exploited the weaknesses in the rock, this 'dirty' limestone, full of imperfections, to slice off sections at ninety degrees. We see a woodpecker in the valley by the lighthouse. It's not a river valley but was carved out by meltwater when the glaciers receded, just like the sharp cut though the ridge where Corfe Castle was strategically built.
I also make some tests with the plastic bottles we've collected. I can't get a convincing way to join and pack them. I'll probably have to ditch them as a potential material, which is shame as they are so easy to source.

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