Wednesday, 30 May 2007

A different way of thinking about art...

I have finally read through the blog - just in time for the last meeting! (Spending a lot of my working day in front of a computer I find it a bit hard to do the same when I get home...) I was really excited when I heard about this project as I have a long-held interest in where art and science meet. I've been entranced by images of microscopic organisms like these from D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form (first published in 1917) for years. However, what is really interesting to me is Abigail's "conceptual" approach to art. I have always painted and created things but just because I find them pleasing - not because they really mean anything.
It is going to be a real challenge to create a sculpture which can convey the Jurassic Coast in terms of physical space, time and biodiversity! I believe that it will alter people's perception of what they are walking on when they come to Durlston - and anything that makes us think has to be a good thing.

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