Thursday, 31 May 2007

mass contributions

Only a fortnight left now till the build and much to do. Poor Bjorn has altitude sickness in America somewhere so we're still waiting for his graphing. In the meantime more planning. Making art work is as much logistics as creativity. Maybe more. I guess the key is to be creative with the logistics, in light of which I've organised a weekend of participation over 16th/17th June so people can come and sculpt a radiolarian and drop off recycling for use in the piece. I have my fingers crossed that this sort of participation will be attractive as the piece needs more hands to it. I'm the sort of person who feels moved by communal activity - like Amish barn raising, so my work methods reflect this at times.
The work really is about mass contribution in fact, small gestures and shifts and changes leading to huge effects, and as usual the intention of the work is reflected it's making...quite unintentionally.

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