Saturday, 19 May 2007

Micro-fossil hunting

The meeting on thurs gave me an insight as to the finished product and so a goal i can visualise as we progress through meetings. Tell me if i am wrong but this is my interpretation of the project as it unfolds.Creating a walk through time on physical pathways which will tell the story of the Jurassic Coast using a micro-fossil theme throughout. This is to be in the form of a graph explaining the vast periods of geological work interlinking with the biodiversity of the critters found in this area. This will also be explained through climate change and how some critters dominated because of their adaptation to the local environment.
Shame that the boat trip was cancelled my boy and i were really looking forward to it but another day. See you on monday, Phil.

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Artist AR said...

That's about right - the sculpture will be a graph, which maps diodiversity of microfossils against time - so the waves of the sculpture will be extinction patterns. this will be correlated against those aspects of climate change we are familiar with; temperature and sea level. Inside the fabric of the skin of the graph, the different species (or go I mean genera, or again do I mean families...Sam please comment) will dictate material choices, so the sculpture will be a shifting pattern of different textures, colours and materials.