Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Hi AR , and the rest of the group , it was great to see lots of active minds working together, and i am happy to be a part of it. If you remember my location that i think is of particular interest, both visually and geologically, is the valley, alongside the lighthouse and which leads down to the entrance to Tilly Whim caves. If you are walking from the globe just as you reach it, there is that steep climb down, which gives a small element of danger and risk, especially in windy weather. When you reach the bottom of the valley,and sit on the cliff edge, you can easily imagine the waterfall which once flowed over the edge, as well as the power of the waves as they smash against the cliffs. Add to this the curve of the lost stream back up the valley into dense shrubland and i think you have a magical place. Havent taken any photos yet, but i hope to on Thurs or Fri. Phil.

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