Monday, 25 June 2007

week 2.1

Walking back into the space, after an essential weekend's rest, I have a chance to evaluate how I feel about the sculpture. The aspects I like are that it really does feel huge and overwhelming and the decision to allow all sorts of different physical relationship to the object. there is often a frustration in looking at huge objects - like cliffs - that you want to see them from many different angles and usually you can't - you're stuck looking from the top (with it beneath your feet) or the bottom. We have already built steps to allow a bridge over the structure, and it's possible to walk right under the high points, so the structure is a roof over your head. We till have to build a viewing platform so that it can be perused like landscape. I feel worried about finishing to time, so I arrange for Andy to build the viewing platform - it will need to be really solid, and having looked into prices of stage hire for this - they are prohibitively expensive.